V7 – 7″ Three Phase Mixed Flow

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V7 Submersible
V7 Submersible

V7 – 7″ (175 mm) Three Phase Mixed Flow – Water Filled        

Motor Three Phase 6.0 HP to 25 HP Water Filled Motor

Pump Mixed Flow

Impellers-Chrome Steel Investment Casting
Shaft-Chrome Steel
Body-Stainless Steel
Castings-CI FG 200
Bearing Bush-Leaded tin bronze (LTB-4)
Thrust Bearing-Carbon with S.S 420 Self Aligned
Winding Wire-EC Grade Copper with Polywrap coating
Sleeves-Chrome Steel with hard chrome plating
Fastness-Stainless Steel
  • Easy to install: Low running cost
  • Improved Hydraulic design ensure efficiency
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotating parts ensure vibration free performance
  • Designed to starts at low voltage and withstand wide voltage fluctuations
  • Fully rewindable Motor with Stainless Steel Body
  • Irrigation (Food, Sprinkler, Drip)
  • Drinking water supply
  • Farm House water supply
  • Industrial Water Supply
  • Cooling water circulating system

Technical Data:

  • Submersible Motor is squirrel cage wet type water cooled
  • Stainless Steel Stator Shell to prevent rust formation
  • Special Grade LTB bush for longer life
  • Specially designed self aligned carbon thrust bearing with SS 420 segment for long run. Motor is protected from entry of well water, sand etc by seal rings and sand guard
  • High Quality water resistant polymer insulated winding wires used for long life even with wide voltage fluctuation
  • Pressure equalizing diaphragm is provided to compensate excess pressure due to heating of stator casting