Ceiling And Exhaust Fans

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Ujala fans comes in various ranges and sizes according to every need. We are a leading manufacturer of ceiling fans, table or Stand fans and Exhaust/Aeration fans. These fans have a wide application in homes, offices, hotels, industries etc.

There are many different types of fans and many applications in which they can be used. For an application to be successful and work as intended, the fan and system must be compatible both structurally as well as from a performance standpoint. This section outlines several generic fan applications and the major considerations relating to fan type, rating parameters and fan design. Please use this information as a part of the fan selection process. Major Application Considerations All of the previous applications can be reduced to a few generic application characteristics such as clean or dirty air, normal or high temperature, fume or gas control, low or high erosion, etc. The enclosed matrix provides guidance for those elements that should receive special attention during the selection process. These characteristics are not all inclusive, however, they do present a good starting point for a successful application.