Submersible Pumps

Agriculture, Ground Water Pumping

These Ujala Submersible pumps can be used for irrigation and also to pump water from ground . • Submersible pumps have several applications ranging from drainage to sewage pumping, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. These pumps are lowered down into boreholes and are generally used for myriad purposes such as commercial, domestic, industrial and municipal water extraction.
• These pumps are commonly used for supplying water to agricultural fields. Besides the above mentioned uses, these are also used for seawater handling, fire fighting and sewage treatment. These pumps are hermetically sealed with watertight gaskets that prevent water from entering into the housing. These pumps insert a lot of pressure on the fluid to push it through the pipe. In this way, the fluid can be pushed to greater distances as compared to any other pump.
• An important point to note about these pumps is that these are self primed and start on their own. No other intervention is needed to make these pumps work. Since the pumps are submerged in the fluid, these work pretty efficiently. These pumps last longer and keep on working as good as always for several years. Pumpkart has a wide range of pumps sourced from some of the biggest brands manufacturing pumps. There is an emphasis on ensuring quality of each product and providing service as and when it is required.
• Check out the products available on the site and get the one that meets your requirement. If needed, you can always talk to our customer care executives who are available round the clock. Explore to meet all of your pumping requirements, whether for your home, industry, or farm.